Kidney Stone Diet Chart – Avoid Having kidney Stone

Kidney stone occurs when calcium, oxalate, and phosphorous take solid form and become crystals. In addition to these minerals, uriKidney Stone Diet Chartc acid is also responsible for making kidney stones. Uric acid is a waste byproduct produced when the body breaks the purine components present in the food and it is also made when the cell dies.

To avoid kidney stones you cannot control the past activities but you can control your diet. Diet can help to not only pass the kidney stone but also it helps to prevent it. Following is the diet you need to have if you want to pass or prevent kidney stones.

Drinking plenty of water is very important to prevent kidney stone many professionals recommend that you drink 6 to 8 ounces of a glass of water in a day. Moreover, being over-weighted also increases the chance of developing a kidney stone. Ask your doctor for a diet plan because the diet plan is different from different people.

Diet chart?

Before you choose what to eat you should you need to ask your doctor about the mineral of which your kidney stone is made of?  The following are the types of stones and recommended died for preventing such stones.

Calcium Oxalate Stone

If your stone is made up of calcium oxalate you need to avoid eating such foods that are nuts, legumes, rhubarb spinach, and wheat bran. These foods will help to reduce Calcium Oxalate in your system. Reducing calcium oxalate will help to avoid stone formed by the high amount of calcium oxalate in blood.

Sodium Stone

If your stone is made up of sodium then you should know that salts are made up sodium. Sodium is present in canned foods, fast food, and anything which has sodium salt in it. Sodium is also there in seasonings and meats.

Reduce Animal Proteins

Animal proteins increase the chances of developing a kidney stone. Animals’ proteins are present in beef, organ meats eggs, chicken, pork, fish even in milk, cheese, and other dairy products. However, limiting animal products doesn’t mean that you don’t consume protein you need to switch protein from animals to proteins from plants such as beans, dried peas, and lentils, and so on.

Calcium Phosphate Stones

To avoid having calcium phosphate stone you need to limit sodium in your diet and from the above discussion you can see how to limit phosphate from your diet. If you have calcium phosphate stone you need to regular your calcium intake it means that you don’t have to avoid calcium but you need to take it in a healthy quantity.

Uric Acid Stones

Uric acid stones can also be avoided by limiting the supply of animals’ proteins and to limit animal protein you can see the above discussion where limiting animal protein is discussed briefly.

Cystine stone

Cystine stones are only avoided by having plenty of water into your system. Drinking plenty of water will force your stone to move easily through the urine. You should ask your health care professional about how much liquid you will need in your day.

In addition to the diet, you need to take exercise to lose some weight because obesity also contributes to the accumulation of stones in the kidney. Moreover, if your stone hurts so much seek the help of your doctor immediately.


Stones can be of many types so, you should consider the diet according to the type of stone you have. Knowing the type of stone will help you to pass it by changing your diet. If your stone is not large enough so, it is good news for you because according to the statistics most stones pass through the urine.

If stones somehow become large and are unable to pass through the urine then you should consider asking your doctor to remove it by performing laser surgery. In this surgery, the part where the stone is accumulated will be hit by a laser. This process will break the stone into small particles and from this, your body can easily pass it through the urine. General Anesthesia is given when surgery is getting performed.